Landing page: Cinderella Solution

Leverages deep-seated emotional experiences around health and quality of life to connect audience with solution to their health problems.

Audience: Women ages 35-55 with at least 15-25 pounds to lose

Call to Action: Click button at the bottom to watch informational video

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Digs into pain points around being an overworked, underpaid mom who doesn’t have time to spend on herself or with her family.

Audience: Women ages 25-45 with unfulfilling, soul-sucking jobs that require them to sacrifice precious time with their loved ones.

Call to Action: Message me for more information (to start a conversation).

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Subject line: 10% OFF our ultra-gentle baby conditioner

From line: Johnson & Johnson

Snippet: Non-irritating formula for manageable baby hair

Uses family-oriented language to emphasize the nurturing and loving care moms love to give their babies.

Audience: Mothers

Call to Action: Click ad to learn more and access coupon

Web page: Spec ad on Cheetos Giveaway

Fun, urgent tone to encourage sign-ups for the limited-time giveaway

Audience: College students

Call to action: Enter contact information

Print pamphlet: Spec ad for free yoga classes

Educational, promotional tone to encourage signups for free yoga classes

Audience: Health-conscious adults

Call to action: Go to website and sign up for yoga classes

Print signage: Spec ad for juice sale on Earth Day

Audience: Health-conscious adults

Call to action: Buy juice at juice bar inside store (sign is placed inside store)