About me

Who am I and how I can help you?

I’m a copywriter. I help businesses like yours reach new heights— even if you haven’t started yet.

I provide insights about what’s going on in the world and how it impacts your business — and what you can do about it to get more exposure and sales.

I have a master’s degree in psychological sciences from Western Kentucky University. I’m a hard-core psychology fan, and I LOVE learning about behavior economics and marketing. Check out my nerdy musings in my blog.

A bit about me on a personal level:

I swim all the time. I swam in college and now I swim for the master’s team in my city.

I quit drinking alcohol in 2019. Now, my favorite drink is water.

I’m obsessed with the The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. There’s not a single thing this concept doesn’t apply to… A serious must read in by book.

I’m certified to teach yoga at the 200-hour level. Savasana (the pose where you just lay on the floor) is probably my favorite.

I love hiking and chasing waterfalls. Here’s proof:

My master’s thesis was on the psychology of being aware of death. Dark, I know… But VERY enlightening if you’re ever curious about that side of life (or… not life, I guess).

I became a copywriter because I want to connect audiences with great businesses. The best product or service in the world is nothing if no one knows about it… Businesses can be the vehicle that transforms lives, and I want to help make that happen— for both you and your audience.

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